De boxer: omgang, karakter & opvoeding

The boxer is the family dog par excellence. His curious and cheerful nature makes him stick his nose in and between everything. The boxer is a loyal, affectionate dog with a very stable character to his owner and family. There are therefore few situations that can cause a Boxer to be disturbed. It is a playful, energetic and cheerful dog who is always in for play and attention. They are incredible cuddly. Most of the boxers think children are fantastic! Boxers have the ability to adapt perfectly to the age / size of the child, making them the ideal playmate for families with children at any age.

Besides the fact that the boxer has a super character, its education remains important! Rewards and correction with the correct method and time play an important role in this.

Especially the age of 6 months to 1 year, puberty, can sometimes be a difficult point in the upbringing of a boxer. It is important to be very consistent during this period, and, above all, never to give up. Because after all, you are now also halfway through the education of your four-legged friend. Obedience can be achieved to a high level, fetch- and detective work are also possible with a boxer.